How to wash linen. Fabric Copenhagen.

Care and washing instructions for linen fabrics.

How to wash and care for your duvets, sheets, bedspreads, shams and pillowcases, curtains, fabric for the table and home clothing

Washing instructions

Wash the linens in cool to 40 degree warm water with a gentle liquid detergent. Dry on a clothesline or in the dryer on low to medium heat,  remove immediately when it’s cupboard dry.

For best results, wash the linen separate from other items, especially towels. Towels produce a lot of lint, which can stick to sheets and create friction which causes pilling.  Our linens are made from a tight twill weave, which makes a beautiful sheen, and also keeps  them from pilling!

Drying instructions

Give the linen product a hard shake to smooth out the hem, before placing on the clothesline or if you prefer in the dryer. Remove the items from the dryer as soon its done – this will help reduce wrinkling.

The linen may have a little wrinkling on the hems, or develop soft wrinkles as you sleep on them.  But each time you launder, they come out smooth again!


Avoid liquid chlorine bleach (LCB), dryer sheets, and washer or dryer balls. Harsh detergents can do damage to fine linens and particularly high quality sheets. LCB can weaken the fibers, reducing the life of your linen. Fabric softener and dryer sheets can leave a film on the fabric, reducing the moisture wicking properties. Dryer sheets can cause discoloration, and washer and dryer balls, similar to washing with towels, can cause pilling.

For stubborn stains, spray chlorine-free stain remover or a mixture of water and liquid dish washing soap, then launder as usual. You can remove stains from natural body oils or body lotions the same way by gently rub a few drops of liquid dish washing soap and water into the stain, then launder as usual.

Iron or steam?

If you like to iron your linens, you may do so by using high heat and steam, it will however make the linen harder.

Best result to keeps the line soft are steam or just spray water on the linen using a spray bottled and leave it drying hanging.

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